Introducing the Rivus Vehicle Check App

This is not just another software app. This is different.

We know that managing your daily vehicle checks can be a pain. So we’ve developed an innovative new digital tool to make your life easier and ensure your fleet vehicles are safe and compliant before they go out on the road.

It’s all available at your fingertips with the Rivus Vehicle Check App.

With the touch of a few buttons on a smartphone or tablet device, you or your drivers can complete all your daily vehicle checks quickly and easily. Our App records and stores your vehicle checks digitally, removing the need to complete tedious checklists or paper reports.

Whatever your fleet type or mix, the Vehicle Check App can handle it.

Do it all at the touch of a button.

  • Complete digital daily vehicle checks

  • Record vehicle damage and defects

  • Report an accident

  • Track the status of accident repairs

  • Set your own questions to your compliance policies

  • Review vehicle check history

  • Check that daily vehicle checks are being completed

The Rivus Difference

Want to know what makes the Rivus Vehicle Check App different? We’re what makes the difference!

We’re an award-winning fleet partner, with award-winning Service, Maintenance & Repair (SMR) capabilities and an independently owned garage network.

When you subscribe to our Vehicle Check App, you also have the option to use our SMR services and take advantage of our industry-leading Vehicle Off Road times (VoR).

We don’t add to your admin burden.

With many competitor digital apps, you still need to access a garage network and arrange any necessary service appointments yourself. This just adds to your admin burden.

Our Vehicle Check App takes that extra admin away. If the damage or defect recorded in the Vehicle Check App means the vehicle is non-roadworthy, we immediately make all the arrangement with our garage network for the vehicle to be repaired and made safe again. So there’s no extra admin for you to do.

We won’t take a vehicle off the road unnecessarily.

When anything that needs attention is recorded in the App, we can instantly identify if the vehicle needs immediate attention, or is safe enough to get on with its job – all in line with legislation and your own vehicle safety and compliance rules.

If the vehicle is safe and roadworthy, we simply arrange for any damage or defects to be rectified at the next scheduled service booking, so your critical vehicles are not taken off the road unnecessarily and can keep doing their job.

Using the Vehicle Check App maximises your vehicle availability.   

What is really innovative about our App is we can schedule the required length of repair time in advance, so we get things right first time. We already know what needs attention and can arrange for any necessary parts or supplies to be available before your vehicle even arrives in our garage. Your vehicle gets back on the road quicker, and there’s no nasty surprises or unplanned disruption for you.

Our analysis of fleets using the Vehicle Check App shows there is a clear reduction of 13% reduction in vehicle downtime for customers using the App, as well as ensuring we get things right first time.

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