Our people are as passionate about your business as you are

At Rivus we are all about people.

We are driven by passionate people, all displaying specialist skills and expertise in automotive, built over 100 years of fleet management.

Without the knowledge, ideas, skills, and hard work of everyone at Rivus, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

As well as their knowledge and experience, our colleagues bring a diverse range of talents and skills to Rivus. Some of our team are “real” car people, from tinkering with old ones to driving new ones round racetracks. From collecting memorabilia to working on new innovations. And it’s that passion and love for all things automotive that makes our colleagues want to give a great service to our customers.

Chief Executive Officer

David Myers

Chief Development Officer

Thomas Maerz

Chief Financial Officer

Colin Mills

HR Director

Victoria Knight

Garage & Mobile Services Director

Geoff Allison

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Elizabeth Leppard

Customer Operations Director

David Jones

Chief Technology and Information Officer

Stuart Perham

Account Director

Graeme Lumley

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