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Accident Management

Accidents happen. We’re here to take the pain out of them when they do.

Sadly we can’t prevent your drivers being involved in traffic incidents. But whether it’s a commercial van that’s been in a prang, or an 18 tonne artic that’s overturned on the motorway, we can seamlessly manage the accident process for you and get your business moving again.

We understand your pain when your fleet vehicles are involved in an accident.


Quality of Repair

How do you know your light commercial or HGVs will be repaired to manufacturer standards?

Cost Control

How can you stop repair costs spiralling out of control?

Vehicle Downtime

How do you get your vehicles back on the road and doing their job as quickly as possible?

We make Accident Management as easy as 1….2….3….

Our Accident Management services are designed specifically to your business needs. Want Accident Management as part of our Fleet Management Service? We can help. Want it as a standalone service? We can do that too.

Either way, you only pay for it when you use it. There’s no small print, fixed monthly or annual costs or minimum commitment. You simply agree a term that suits your business, then pay as you use our service.

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1. Call Out

We provide round the clock support. Once we get notification from your driver or the crash sensor in your vehicle, we will be on hand to give roadside assistance, non-roadworthy vehicle recovery, driver mobilisation and First Notification of Loss Services.

Our innovative technology will send automatic notifications to the people that need to know, updating you of the actions we’ll take.

2. Repairs & Replacement

Whether it’s a car, van or HGV with specialist equipment, we’ll assess the damage for repair at one of our own Rivus owned workshops, or through a Rivus Approved partner. Either way you’re guaranteed the highest quality repairs at a value for money price.

And where we can, we’ll even send a Mobile Technician to do the repairs at a time and place convenient to you.

3. Insight & Reducing the Risk

Our Accident Management data portal enables you to easily uncover what, how and where accidents are happening. So you can make informed decisions to reduce the risk of collisions (and unplanned costs) within your fleet.

We can even give you targeted e-learning modules to reduce your driver risk, all in line with your company policies.

Benefits of our Accident Management

  • Access to 80 Rivus owned workshops

  • Analysis portal giving you full visibility of driver risk

  • On-site mobile repairs - with an average repair time of just 4 hours

  • Specialist vehicle capabilities

  • Consistent repair standards

  • Improved cost control

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • In-house expertise

How can we help?

Our experienced Accident Management team manage the accident from start to finish. We control your costs and get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. So your drivers can get on with doing their job.

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