Operational Fleet Insight Report

Welcome to the 2021 Operational Fleet Insight Report. We’re proud to partner again with the AA to bring you the fifth collaborative report which shares fleet insight, learnings and opinions to help fleet managers make informed decisions around the fleet challenges ahead.

Key Statistics


of fleet operators believe that the range of EVs on offer has improved in the last year


of fleet operators expect to be using EVs within the next 5 years, compared to 26% using currently


of fleet operators are aware of the ban of the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.


of fleet operators report that COVID-19 has had a negative impact on their financial strategy

It has been a volatile year for the Operational Fleet industry. The pandemic has had a significant impact on all organisations, with fleet operators often needing to take difficult decisions to safeguard their long-term future.

But our report finds a nuanced story across the industry, with many organisations experiencing positive growth. What all have in common is the need to grapple with a dynamic and uncertain present, whilst also reflecting on what the ‘new normal’ will look like, post-pandemic.

This volatility has occurred within an already rapidly evolving industry landscape, with fleet operators considering both immediate and upcoming changes to technology and legislation.

This year’s Operational Fleet Report paints a fascinating picture of how operators have shown resilience and ingenuity in dealing with the pandemic, whilst also rising to the challenge of planning for industry changes that they know are close on the horizon.

The 2030 announcement has prompted us to look into electric vehicles in more detail. It is like a line in the sand - something you know you have to plan for as it's not really that far away.

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