The future is electric vehicles

Transition your business to an electric fleet for a more cost-effective and sustainable future.

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We are leading the charge to electric as one of the UK’s largest fleet management providers.

Whether you are already on the road to electric vehicles, or just starting to think about your journey, we can manage all your electric fleet management needs in one convenient service.

At Rivus, we recognise you might need help understanding when to transition your fleet to electric, and which options are best for your business. Whether you need a fully electric fleet, or a blend of different powertrains and vehicle types, we will help you with our award-winning fleet management solution.

Our innovative Electric Vehicles as a Service (EVaaS) will help you on your journey.

With our technology-led EVaaS solution, we start by modelling your total cost of ownership for electric vehicles, so there are no hidden surprises waiting for you. Then we work with you every step of your journey, from sourcing the right vehicles for your business, to acquisition and funding, real-time fleet management data, services, maintenance and repair, right through to disposal at the end of your fleet lifecycle.

We make your journey to Electric as easy as possible.

Take a look at how our innovative Electric Vehicles as a Service will keep your business moving to a cleaner, greener future.

Electric Vehicles as a Service (EVaaS)

Our innovative Electric Vehicles as a Service (EVaaS) aims to help you understand the complexities around transitioning to electric vehicles.

EVaaS works in tandem with our existing fleet management solutions and provides a complete end-to-end electric vehicle service for your business. We help you to choose the right vehicle that’s fit for purpose and use real-world data to calculate costs based on an accurate total cost of ownership.

We also assist with the installation of charging infrastructure and advise on the best management practices to make the transition to zero emissions as seamless as possible.

Fit for the future with electric vehicle fleets

At Rivus, we believe the future of fleet mobility is electric. And that’s why you should be preparing now.

With our help, commercial electric fleets can be made simple so your business can lead the way in sustainable driving and stay ahead of the curve.

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