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Electric vehicle fleet management explained 

The move towards electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining momentum and many businesses are already planning to make the switch away from petrol and diesel vehicles.  

In this blog, we explore why you should start thinking about electric vehicles now, what to consider and the steps you need to take to transition your fleet. 

At Rivus, we offer complete fleet management for all types of commercial vehicles, and we have been supporting businesses switch to electric car and LCV fleets to boost their green credentials amidst the climate change crisis. 


Why think about electric vehicles now? 

The 2030 deadline is looming 

New vehicles with combustion engines will stop being sold in the UK from 2030, so it’s important to be prepared for the transition by having the right infrastructure in place within your business.  

Electric vehicle technology is constantly advancing and there can be long-term cost savings to be made, which is also why the transition to electric should be considered now. 

Help is available now 

The switch will come with its challenges, but whether you choose to lease, rent, or purchase your next fleet vehicles, our specialist EV team can guide you through the operating and maintenance costs for an entire fleet of EVs as you begin to phase out existing models.  

Read on to find out how Rivus can help your business move towards an electric fleet. 

What to consider in EV fleet management? 

There are a number of important steps to consider when transitioning fleet vehicles, and businesses need to fully understand those steps to avoid any costly mistakes in the future.  

Our innovative Electric Vehicles as a Service (EVaaS) offering supports fleets of all sizes and types in transitioning to EVs through its multi-step approach – from initial consultancy to true cost of ownership modelling, to implementing the best charging infrastructure for your business all the way through to disposing of the vehicle at the end of its lifecycle.  

Consultancy and planning 

We’ll assess your existing fleet and guide you on which electric vehicles will meet your operational needs both for now and the future.  

Then we’ll work with you to devise a Total Cost of Ownership so you can see the long-term value in your investment and plan your budget accordingly.  

You’ll also receive a roadmap that sets out how the transition will work and over what time, so there is as little disruption to your drivers as possible.  


We understand that range anxiety is a huge barrier for businesses considering the switch away from fuel to a new electric range. This is why we have tested most e-LCVs with varying payloads across a different range of driving conditions. This will also help you understand any associated maintenance costs attached to the vehicle. 

Our team are also experts in designing electric vehicles for commercial use, so you can be sure to get the right fleet of cars or vans for your business. 

Funding options 

You may have an idea of whether you want to buy, rent, or lease your next electric fleet, and our team can work out the best option for your business.  

We will also guide you towards any EV grants of Government funding that may be available to you because of making the switch. 

Handover and training 

We have a Driver Engagement service to give your team the confidence to deal with the requirements of driving an electric vehicle.  

This ensures you get all the support you need before we hand over the keys, so your drivers know what to expect and can get on with their job. 

In-life support 

If you are keen to outsource your day-to-day EV operations and administration tasks, we can help with that too.   

Our team help with bookings, servicing, maintenance, and repairs to keep you on the road, and we can assess driver risk and potential fines to ensure you are as efficient as possible.  


Charging can seem complex and difficult to understand, but it can be made far simpler. Our team will help you understand the charging requirements of your fleet and work with you to set up a charging infrastructure that works for your drivers both at work and at home, as well as on the public charging network. 

Service, Maintenance and Repairs 

Rivus has one of the largest independently owned garage networks in the UK, with 80 Rivus-owned garages, a team if over 50 Mobile Technicians, and access to 500+ Rivus Approved garages. 70% of our Rivus-owned garages have EV capabilities and EV technicians trained to IMI standards.  



We will continue to support your fleet during its lifecycle and as you approach the end of your term, we will help manage the disposal and replacement of your current vehicles.  

We can also collaborate with you to make sure you prepare to get your next fleet in place so there isn’t a disruption to operations. 


Outsourcing EV fleet management 

Getting an expert to manage your fleet will save you the time and energy spent on sourcing electric vans and electric cars and training your team to use them safely.  

Switching to ultra-low emission vehicles requires research, an understanding of what’s currently on the market and awareness of how the vehicles can be adapted to suit your own fleet.  

Speak to our team today 

To help us understand your business needs, we’ll consult with you on how your current fleet operates, how your drivers work day-to-day and which EVs will be the most suitable for your fleet. Talk to a member of our team today and see how we can help you.  

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